Tutor A Bull


Tutor-A-Bull is a unique public / private partnership between the Michelin Golf Classic, the USF College of Education, and the Hillsborough County Public Schools, designed to provide one-on-one tutoring for middle and high school students in the Hillsborough County Public Schools by USF College of Education students. The USF tutors are a select group of students (primarily from the College’s Suncoast Area Teacher Training Educational Research (SCATTER) Honors Program). Tutor-a-Bull started in 2007 at the Joshua House, a shelter for neglected and abused children. It was so successful that the partners decided to pilot the program in local schools. In 2015-16, 750 students in 15 schools received over 7,000 hours of tutoring from 75 USF College of Education students.

Stipends are provided to all USF tutors participating in the program. It is a win-win for everyone! Middle and high school students get the personalized attention they need.  As a result of these individualized experiences students across the program have demonstrated learning gains and improved self-esteem.  As pre-service teachers, tutors gain hands-on teaching experiences in the

field.  By benefiting area students, schools, and future teachers, the program’s impact extends to a stronger educational community. Past research speaks to the positive relationship between increased academic achievement and self-efficacy on the future outcomes of struggling students.

A Safe Haven

Thank you for considering donating your time and resources to help ensure that the Joshua House can continue providing safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned children.

While our new website is under construction, if you would like to make and Honor/Memory donation, please contact Nanci March at nmarch@friendsofjoshuahouse.org.