Friends of Joshua House Foundation, Inc. Volunteer Description

Volunteer Inquiries:

Thank you for wanting to help the foster children at Joshua House by volunteering!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

• Volunteer Driver – 1 needed
To Pick up and deliver donations. Using your own vehicle sometimes and the Joshua House van other times.
Frequency varies greatly – Once per week to every day, depending on what is happening. There is a pick up every Friday – either am or pm.
ERY busy during our Back-to-School Drive (beginning of August) and our Holiday Gift Drive (early December through
mid- December)

• Library Elf – 1 needed
Organize the books in the library, adding and deleting books as needed. Set up the shelves to look inviting.
Frequency: Once per week during regular business hours.

• Flexible Volunteer – 1 or 2 needed
Someone who is literally willing to do a little bit of everything: Sort donations, wash/dry the used rags (we have a washer/dryer), break-down boxes and take out the recycling, bring plastic bags to Publix to recycle, put away donated food items, clean the Life Enrichment Center, run errands, wrap gifts, etc
Frequency: Once per week, the same day & approximately the same time every week. For example: Wednesdays, 1pm – 4pm

If we do not have any opportunities during your availability, we will add your email to our distribution list and will contact you with volunteer opportunities when they arise. Currently, we do not have any individual volunteering opportunities working directly with the children.

Contact Information

Thank you again for supporting our mission!